Moving from one location to another is an overwhelming task. A good planning and an organized move could bring a peaceful first day at your new house. This check list will surely help you for hassle free house relocation. The checklist contains items to be packed and tasks to be done weeks prior to moving.

4 weeks before

  • Moving file: A file that contains everything related to moving. All the plans, list, receipts ad related materials.
  • Budget plan: List all the possible expenses related to moving.
  • Packing and moving company list: List of all packing and moving companies in your place and their respective quote of service
  • Notice letter: If you are in a rental house, send a notice letter to the home owner to inform your move.
  • New furniture: If you need new furniture in the new house, purchase and make its delivery to the new house a day prior to the move.
  • Leave application: Apply for a leave of absence for the moving day.
  • Postal address modification: Apply for the modification of postal address.
  • Basic service providers: A notice or letter to basic service providers like electricity, cable TV etc Sending out these notices well in advance allows these providers to make the necessary adjustments in billing and in the settlement of any outstanding accounts under your old mailing address.

The night before

  • Essentials bag for each family member: Make sure that each family member will have their toiletries, change of clothes, and other essential things packed in this bag.
  • Kitchen essential bag: keep a separate bag which contains urgent kitchen equipment that will be necessary to make a meal upon the arrival at new house
  • Cleaning bag/box: Make sure to have a bag which contains items required for the quick cleaning.

Following this moving checklist makes your move efficient and hassle free.